New release by Albany Records: CD “A cascade of light in a resonant universe” (2017)  – Music of Ileana Perez Velazquez


“Ileana Perez Velázquez has written numerous acoustic and electroacoustic works that reveal the depth and scope of her artistic  imagination. Often inspired by extra-musical stimuli—ranging from the poetic to the psychological, the natural to the supernatural—Velázquez writes music that, while challenging for both performer and listener alike, is deeply expressive; her music may be uncompromising in its demands, but it also remains intensely dramatic and poignantly evocative. Whether she is writing for acoustic instruments, for electronics only, or a combination of the two, her music is always powerfully communicative. Her rich harmonic language and rhythmically intricate, multi-layered textures reveal her debt to her Cuban heritage. The New York Times has praised the “imaginative strength and musical consistency” and the “otherworldly quality”of her compositions”

                                                                     Steven Bodner (2008)