Inflorescence for symphonic orchestra (2005) (18)’

Program notes: Inflorescence for orchestra

Inflorescence was commissioned by the Berkshire Symphony Orchestra. This work is about the process of blossoming. I apply this metaphor not only to flowers but also to all kind of life forms, including us, human beings. The first movement contains contrasting sections of different moods, similar to different kind of energies that are present during the blossoming process. The second movement evolves from an intimate lyrical character into a more open  emotional climax, returning to a different kind of intimate state at the end, after overcoming the process of transformation. The third movement suggests the process of growth. It explores a certain Cuban jazzy rhythmic style. Its rhythmic pulse contains a laid-back syncopated beat which co-exist with other cross-rhythms. This rhythmic pulse is interspersed by more melodic passages that add color to this movement without losing its lively energy driven character. At the end it reaches the celebration that represents this magic moment that we all share, the wonderful experience of live.