Un ser encantado, aguas saladas y piedras infinitas (for 2 pianos and 2 percussionists) (1996)

Un ser encantado, aguas saladas y piedras infinitas (for 2 pianos and 2 percussionists) (1996)

(An enchanted being, salty waters, and infinite stones…)

Program Notes:

The first movement (Sobre un ser encantado, (about an enchanted being)) has a lyrical character, which is interrupted by sudden percussive and syncopated patterns derived from Cuban urban popular music. The second movement ,Sobre aguas saladas (about salty waters), refers to the movement of the ocean waves. The third movement, Tiempo de catedrales y piedras infinitas, (time of cathedrals and infinite stones) has a melody with regular rhythmic values, which develops into increasingly dissonant chord streams. Their lyrical character thus becomes shaded by a metallic timbre conveyed by the selected percussion instruments. The last movement (Llamado a los cuatro vientos, call to the four winds) has rhythmic patterns that evoke Cuban music. The sections are articulated in an ouvert manner, through contrasts of character and suspension of movement.  In general, the whole work focuses on contrapuntal exchanges between the two pianos as well as the pianos and the percussion.