ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC WITH INSTRUMENTS

  • Entre azul y transparencia….(between blue and transparency) (1997)
    Soprano, percussion, and tape.
  • Un ser con unas alas enormes, (a being with enormous wings) (1996)
    violin and tape.
  •  Cuando la Inocencia  retorna en forma de poesia , (when innocence returns in the form of poetry) (1997) piano and tape.
  •  Conversations (1994)
    bass Clarinet, Saxophones, Bassoon, and tape.
  •  Caxionics (1995) in collaboration with Neil Leonard III,
    Saxophone, electronics and CD ROM in collaboration with Neil Leonard III.
  • Piedras, (stones) (1995)
    choir and tape.
  • Natura (1991)
    Soprano and tape.

ELECTRONIC MUSIC (fixed media)

  • Celia, fixed media (1994) (5’)
  • Realidades alternas  (Alternate realities) multi-media (1992) (16)’
  • La Voz interior (the inner voice) fixed media (1991)
  • Crisálida, fixed media (1991) (7)’